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Contribute today and make a difference for Real Estate!

A Direct Giver contribution has a minimum contribution amount of $100; contributors select to whom they wish to distribute funds. Call Joe or Sandy at the WRA with questions at 608-241-2047.

Contribute today and make a difference for Real Estate!

RPAC stands for the REALTOR® Political Action Committee. A PAC is a legal means by which interested individuals with common goals, like a trade association, ban together for the purposes of political action.

RPAC contributions draw attention to REALTOR® issues and help educate candidates on future issues important to the real estate industry. This is critical to your business. Just consider a few of these recent legislative issues of importance to our industry:

  • Kept REALTORS working during Covid by fighting to have them as essential workers in Wisconsin
  • Passed to keep the 40 year Access Easements from expiring WI
  • Passed to stop Foreclosure Equity Theft in WI
  • Passes the right to Place a Pier on Flowages in WI
  • Passes to make Home Owner Associations more Transparent
  • Defeated attempts to eliminate mortgage interest deductions
  • Defeated attempts to raise the transfer tax
  • Defeated attempts to apply sales tax to real estate commissions
  • Defeated attempts to apply sales tax to commercial leases
  • Defeated mandates to restrict condominium developments
  • Defeated attempts to expand municipal taxing authority
  • Defeated attempts to create "closing agent" regulations
  • Passed appraiser regulations to comply with federal mandates
  • Passed numerous limits on REALTOR® liability for disclosures
  • Passed regulation of home inspectors
  • These are just a few of the hundreds of bills lobbied by the WRA each session. They will continue to work on wetlands and other environmental issues, taxes, local land use proposals and other issues that impact the real estate industry.

As a real estate professional, RPAC is your PAC. It is the real estate industries vehicle for political success. REALTOR® volunteers raise voluntary contributions from other members across the state. These funds are then pooled together and contributed on a nonpartisan basis to candidates for public office who support housing and real estate interests.

70 cents of every dollar raised stays in Wisconsin for state and local elections, with the remaining 30 cents being transferred to the National Association of REALTORS® PAC for contributions to federal candidates.

1. All fundraising efforts and contributions to candidates are administered by a board of RPAC Trustees, representing each local board and all areas of the state. Decisions made by the Trustees are submitted to the WRA Board of Directors.
2. Funds are disbursed on a nonpartisan basis to Democrats and Republicans alike, based on promotion of the REALTORS® legislative agenda.

RPAC is one of the largest trade association PACs in the world, and the second largest PAC in Wisconsin.

RPAC is a very important business partner to REALTORS® because it means legislative success. Up to 4,000 bills are introduced each session in the state legislature. Elections decide who will be voting on these 4,000 bills. RPAC helps elect the people who write the laws you and your business must live with. Through extensive research and ongoing monitoring, RPAC keeps you informed, involved, and influential in the legislative decisions that are important to you and your business.


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